Custom Menu Boards

Custom Menu Boards

Menu Boards for Restaurants  and Bars come in many shapes and sizes. Menu boards for cafes and restaurants are very important to the success of their business. Menu boards need to be clean and easy to read.

are your menus easy to read?

Don’t make the common mistake using masking tape and markers to cover up old prices, it looks unprofessional.

Are there products on your menu board that no longer are available?

This can be frustrating to your employees who are taking the orders and annoying the customer who was hoping to eat that item.

At your San Francisco Bay Area Sign Company we take pride in making sure that your menu boards are the best they can be.

Digitally Printed Menu Boards

Digitally printed menu boards are a cost-effective solution for your restaurant, cafe or Bar.  With digital printing, you can print high resolution graphics onto a number of different materials.  With restaurants needing to change their menu a couple times a year, restaurants need to make these changes quickly and cost effectively. Digitally printed menu boards are good for restaurants that might have artwork full color artwork with photographs. They are also good for restaurants that have many locations.

Custom Menu Boards